Working with Benji Marketing was so easy! I literally put our business into their company’s hands and our rankings performed much higher than I was anticipating. I like to focus on running my business and shy away from anything too technical. I let Benji Marketing take over the advertising side of the biz, and I’ve never been happier. I will continue to use their services and send anyone else I know their way.

– Ryan E. 


The best part of Benji Marketing’s services was communication. In the past, with other ad agencies, I felt in the dark about where our money was actually going or if our ads were making any difference. In just a few months, I was able to see a difference in how our business was performing. They explained what parts of our digital marketing plan were working and what parts we could focus on other places. I felt that they were honest and transparent.

– Derrek R.


This was the first time that our company tried SEO and we will be continuing to use it for the foreseeable future! I’ve never been excited about advertising before, but watching our rankings rise on Google and seeing our statistics grow in our favor has been actually enjoyable. It’s like a  sports team that you are invested in, you just get excited about each victory—and there are A LOT of victories. It’s nice to feel like I’m on a winning team.

– Stuart P.


I’ll be honest, digital marketing and SEO is not something I know much about. All I know is this, once I hired Benji Marketing to take care of my marketing plans, I saw a lot more business coming in than I have in a long time. Instead of getting random spam, I was getting customers who were actually interested in my services. I will use Benji Marketing again and again.

– Sue R.


I have used several SEO companies before in the past and never felt as heard as I do with Benji Marketing. My past experiences drove me to try handling my company’s own digital marketing. It did not work out very well. I had to devote my normal amount of time to my business and then it felt like adding another full-time job on top of it to handle the marketing side. Needless to say, trying SEO again with Benji Marketing has been the best decision I ever made.

– TJ B.


I have never regretted hiring Benji Marketing to boost my rankings on search engines. Trusting them to handle my marketing has added years to my life. I have seen an improvement in the number of customers I interact with on a daily basis. I am making more now than I ever have in the past, and there’s no sign of it slowing down.

– Richard A.


SEO digital marketing doesn’t change everything overnight, and Benji Marketing was very honest with what to expect and what kind of timeline we were looking at for our statistics to improve. We stuck with Benji Marketing and trusted his expertise and it has been so beneficial for our business. Over the duration of a couple months, our rankings JUMPED from not even worth looking for in the Google rankings to the first page.

– Paul T.


I was led to Benji Marketing by a referral from a networking connection I have, and their business has flourished as has my own. It has been thrilling to see so much improvement on my business. I have less stress in my life because I’m not constantly marketing and feeling like I’m begging people to come to view my site and give me a chance. People are now actively seeking me out for my services.

– Jared M.


I have seen a huge difference in my company’s success after working with Benji Marketing. I feel like our name has been put on the map. People recognize my company and actually turn up for sales and promotions. Before I would set up promotional events and it was like no one even knew about them. Now that I have a loyal following from people who have been drawn to my site, I feel more confident to plan other events in the future.

– Daniel C.


I had heard about SEO for a few years before I tried it. Now that I’m having Benji Marketing handle my SEO for my site I’m kicking myself for not trying it sooner. I feel like people have actually heard of me now. My customers trust me more because they see that I’m on the top of the first page of keyword searches in Google. I see more customers online and coming in the door than ever before.

– Julie W.


I was nervous that it would take years to get my company ranked where I wanted it to be. The turnaround is surprisingly fast with Benji Marketing. I know for a fact that they work with several clients, but I always feel like I am the number one customer. All communications back and forth happen quickly. Changes are implemented in a timely manner and I feel that they are invested in the success of my company.

– Adam S.


Marketing myself was such a challenge in the past! I used to hear crickets from my online business. I’m pretty sure the only traffic I was getting was from myself and my mom. It’s frustrating when you know you have an amazing product that you could sell if people just knew about it! Now I don’t feel invisible. Traffic is coming steadily into my website and I’m getting more business than I ever even hoped to get.

– Colton B.


Last year my company was really struggling to get enough revenue. I was debating just shutting my business down altogether. Hiring Benji Marketing was kind of my hail Mary attempt for a last minute save. And let me tell you this, it worked. I am so glad that I took a chance on something I knew very little about [SEO marketing] and saw results that saved my business. It takes a little time and a little faith, but we are ranked and thriving.

– Ed S.


I tried to figure out marketing myself online for a while before someone referred me to Benji Marketing. I have never looked back. Marketing my business was a serious drain on my time. I don’t know how they get everything done as fast as they do, all I know is that they deliver and I couldn’t see my marketing budget spent better anywhere else.

– Kristy F.


I have been working as a search engine optimization consultant for a few years now and Benji Marketing has been a mentor to me while I figure out some of the ins and outs of this fast-paced business. There are so many resources available out there for SEO, but it’s hard to find the thing to solve a specific problem I have. Whenever I have a question about SEO, I know exactly who I should be talking to, and that is a consultant at Benji Marketing.

– Eric L.


Digital marketing is almost always changing and I’m always surprised with how Benji Marketing stays up with all of the new techniques. They are always in the know of how to get the highest ranking possible. They are a great example of a business that is passionate about the services they provide. I feel safe having them handle all of my digital marketing needs.

– Mary V.


Benji Marketing is the reason I’m still in business today. The consultants took a genuine interest in my goals. In all honesty, I had nearly given up hope of being successful, but Benji Marketing showed me that I was still a viable business with some fight in me. This company puts as much faith in you as you put in it.

– Jeremy Y.


I feel very fortunate to have run across Benji Marketing on my search for an SEO consultant. I have heard of some “meh” experiences from many of my business friends that I network with, but my experience has been anything but that. Benji Marketing has gone on this journey of marketing with me and has been my technical support every step of the way. I’m excited to see what lies in our future together.

– Stephen R.


Benji Marketing is the best at what they do! I have tried other advertising tactics in the past and none have delivered as great results as Benji Marketing. I used to put up ads in magazines and up on billboards and just sit and wait for things to get more exciting. And that’s all I ended up doing… waiting. Benji Marketing has made me busier than ever before—in a good way! I have more customers seeking me out than I could have imagined.

– Kathy F.


Benji Marketing is the absolute best SEO expert out there! I have learned so much from them and have grown my business by crazy amounts! I am even considering expanding my business and taking a leap into something I’ve never tried before. I feel confident that my new business ventures will be just as, if not better than my past ones because I will use Benji Marketing’s services from start to finish.

– Tyler N.

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